solewerk Spa

Unwind, relax, be pampered - welcome to the solewerk spa.

Take a break from your hectic routine and let yourself be pampered by our beautician. Whether classical massages or soothing beauty treatments - the solewerk spa offers pure relaxation. Leave the daily stress behind and tap into new strength.

Solewerk spa allows you to also keep up with your health. A finish sauna, steam room, quiet area and a plunge basin are at your disposal to do so. Regular sauna visits have the positive effect of improving your general well-being. Your body is cleansed, your muscles relax and even circulation and immune system will be stimulated.

Finish sauna

Our finish sauna not only offers relaxation but a unique wellness experience. This classic type of sauna invites you to enjoy some real sweating and purification at well tolerated 90°C.

Steam room

At a mild temperature of approx. 50°C (122°F) and 80 % humidity you will be able to experience a steam bath like in ancient Rome. Enjoy this moment of well-being at the end of the day.

Relaxation between sauna sessions

In between sauna sessions or after a steam bath you can relax in the quiet area and forget about the stress of everyday life.