Massages at the solewerk

Attain harmony of body, mind and soul and enjoy a relaxing timeout from the stressful everyday life.

A massage in the solewerk spa helps you to unwind and to find your very own moment of well-being.


Traditional back massage 20 min. / € 28.00
Anti-Stress massage 40 min. / € 34.00
Full-body massage 60 min. / € 54.00
Hot stone massage (back) 45 min. / € 50.00
Hot stone massage (whole body) 90 min. / € 80.00

solewerk foot-active massage

Ideal for hikers and those who want to be there. The deeply effective combination of acupressure and oil massage with warm basalt stones relaxes the foot muscles, activates the circulation, detoxifies and invigorates your legs noticeably.

40 min / € 35.00