Beauty & Cosmetics in the solewerk Hotel

Expert advice and effective applications merge into the decisive element of the Dr. Spiller philosophy. For optimal care results with a high feeling of well-being, let yourself be pampered by our beauty expert.

solewerk Business treatment

An effective and at the same time relaxing short treatment is tailor-made to the appropriate products from the Dr. Spiller range to your actual skin needs. The treatment includes cleansing, peeling, serum and mask.

40 min / € 39.00

Men only

With this powerful nursing practice, demanding men's skin regains the energy that is taken day by day. Visible depth and excellent compatibility with the innovative MANAGE YOUR SKIN line by Dr. Spiller Care program. The treatment includes cleansing, peeling, serum, relaxing massage for the face, head and neck, final mask and day care.

60 min / € 48.00

“Fountain of Youth” skin care cocktail

Let your beauty come from the full! A maintenance cocktail rich in hyaluronic acid and peptides ensure a controlled nutrient exchange and contributes to wrinkle smoothing. Targeted for demanding skin for cell building and cell renewal, the facial contours appear visibly firmer. The treatment includes cleansing, peeling, ampoule treatment, relaxation massage, special mask and regenerative final care.

60 min / € 48.00


90 min / € 59.00

Guardian Angel for dry and sensitive skin

Experience the dynamic nature, soothing regeneration and lasting protection in harmony. The ALPENRAUSCH line from Dr. Spiller, with pure plant active ingredients from organic cultivation, leads to noticeable moisture, sets a focused course for the refinement of the skin structure and relieves dryness-induced tensions. The treatment includes cleansing, gentle peeling, ampoule, massage and cream pack.

60 min / € 48.00


90 min / € 59.00

Ultra Power

Skin like velvet and silk - is the tangible and visible result after this luxurious treatment. The exclusive method with silk serum, ampoule, eye treatment, special mask and relaxing facial and head massage lend skin vitality and tension to your skin. The complexion appears more radiant and smoother. The integrated hand treatment with peeling and care cream provides the all-round feel-good factor.

90 min / € 78.00

Finishing Touches

Eyebrow shaping € 3.00
Eyebrow tinting € 3.00
Eyelash tinting € 5,00
Waxing face from € 6.00
Active substance ampoule € 5.00

Make Up

Our tip for YOU - exclusively and only at the Solewerk Spa you can get a daily or evening make-up for each facial treatment free of charge!

€ 13.00

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