Become a miner for a day

Experience salty days!

Salt crystals and salt peeling - experience salt in various shapes and forms.

Discover the depths of the adventure mine in Merkers and strengthen your immune system with calming treatments at the Solewelt pool close to the solewerk hotel in Bad Salzungen.

The descent into the mine, a salt scrub & more will turn your stay into an adventure as well as a relaxation trip.


Erlebnis Bergwerk Merkers SalzgrotteErlebnis Bergwerk Merkers Untertage

This package includes:

  •   1 x admission to the adventure mine in Merkers on the first day

  Including breakfast

At solewerk, you can choose how long you want to stay for:


2 night stay
Comfort double room € 160.00 per person


3 night stay
Comfort double room € 249.00 per person


4 night stay
Comfort double room € 324.00 per person

The „Become a miner for a day“ package is available throughout the year*. Please make a booking in advance in order to guarantee all scheduled appointments.

Also experience our salt water themed public pool - Solewelt.

*Dependant on the times the Erlebnis Bergwerk Merkers is closed.